Master Party Rentals

    Listed prices are for a one day rental (24 hours).  Additional days do have reduced rental rates on many items.  If you wish to rent items longer than one day, be certain to tell store personnel when reserving any items.

    All Items to be held for your future date require a deposit of 50% of the amount of the rental, paid at the time of the reservation.  If your dance floor or tent rental reservation is canceled more than 30 days before your event, the deposit will be refunded.  If the time is less than 30 days, the deposit is forfeited.  On all other party/wedding items, the deposit will be refunded up to 14 days before your event.  Cancellation or reduction of order quantities in less than 14 days will result in the loss of the deposit on those items canceled or reduced.  The forfeited deposit will not be applied to the remaining order.

    Full payment for the rental items can be made anytime up to the pickup of the items.  If your order is to be delivered, full payment must be received at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery.

Delivery and Pickup
    Delivery and pickup by Master Rentals is always available for a nominal fee.  The cost varies with the distance and drive time.  If your order is to be picked up by a courier company or a private delivery service, you are responsible for loss or breakage from the time the items are picked up until they are returned to us.
    Special containers are provided to ensure you receive your items clean and undamaged.  Our personnel are instructed to neatly sack the items in a mutually convenient place at delivery.  Our delivery fees are based on the assumption that items do not have to be carried more than 50 feet by store personnel.  If you have stairs or longer distance to carry items special arrangements will have to be made.
    Prior to pickup at your location, tables and chairs are to be closed up and stacked in one location, as well as all glassware, special containers, and other party items.

Set-up and Take down
    Set-up and  take-down of your rented items such as tables and chairs, placing linens or skirting, setting out plates, etc. are not part of the delivery service being provided to you.

    Upon return to the store by you (or pick-up at your location by store personnel), all china, glassware, silverware, and other dished used for food service must be washed or rinsed food free and returned to the same containers provided to you.Linens must be shaken out.

Loss, Damage, and Unused Items
    Responsibility for loss or damage to rental items remains with you from the time you receive them until they are returned to our care.  Be certain items are secure from weather and vandalism.  Missing, damaged, and broken items will be charged to you.  Take extra care with large glass items (punch bowls, serving platters, etc.)as they are very sensitive to changes in temperature.  Follow the printed care instructions.
    Linens that have burns, cuts, or candle wax will be sold to you at replacement cost.  We strongly recommend that something be used to protect linens from dripping wax.
    Items that have been rented, but not used for your event, will not receive a refund.

Rental Policies