*What are your store hours?
*What if I break or lose something? 
*Do you have after hour returns?
*Am I charged for something I picked up but did not use?
*How long is the rental day?
*Are party items clean when I pick them up?
*How clean do the party items I am returning need to be
       to avoid cleaning charges?
*Do you have delivery/pickup services available?
*Do I need to leave a deposit in order to reserve an item?
*Who can make modifications to my order?

 Store Hours:
Store hours are Monday & Friday 9-5, Tue - Thur 9-4, Saturday & Sunday closed. 

 Broken, Lost, or Missing Items:
If something is missing from your order upon return, you will be charged a replacement fee.  This cost is based on the replacement value of the item lost or broken.  In case of a lost item or piece,  you have 72 hours from the closing of the rental contract to return the lost item in order to receive a full refund on that item.  Keep in mind however, that rental charges will accumulate on the lost items (just as if you had rented the item), so the sooner the item is returned, the greater your refund will be.

 After Hours Returns:
We do not have an after hours return location at our store.  As such, any item left at our store location when we are closed is susceptible to theft.  You are solely responsible for the item(s) rented until such time that our personnel have taken possession of the item, and a receipt has been given to you to verify return.  It is possible for you to arrange for special delivery/pickup of your order after store hours.  The cost varies depending on the size of your order and the time you wish the special delivery/pickup service to be performed.  Talk to store personnel for more details regarding this service.

 Unused Items:
You will be charged for any rental item you pick up, whether they are used or not.  This includes party orders taken out where all quantities were not used (even if they are in their original sealed containers).  If the items are in your possession; they are unavailable for rental, therefore a charge for the items will be levied.

 Rental Day:
A rental day is one twenty-four hour period.  So your rental "day" begins when you pick your item(s) up, and are due back for a one day charge, 24 hours later.  We do have special reduced rates available for weekends and longer term rentals, be sure to ask our personnel about these specials.

 Are Party Items Clean?:
All table top items are cleaned, sanitized, and sealed prior to you picking up your order.  They are all ready to go, with nothing more necessary.

Upon return to the store by you (or pickup at your location by store personnel), all china, glassware, silverware, and other dishes used for food service, must be washed or rinsed food free and returned to the same containers as when provided to you. Linens must be shaken out.

Delivery and pickup by Master Rentals is always available for a nominal fee. Outside the city of Bellingham, the cost varies with the distance and drive time. If your order will be picked up by a courier company or private delivery service, you are responsible for loss or breakage from the time the items are picked up at Master Rentals until they are returned to us.

All items to be held for your future date for party/wedding items require a deposit of 50% of the amount of the rental, paid at the time of the reservation. If your dance floor or tent rental reservation is canceled more than 30 days before your event, the deposit will be refunded. If the time is less than 30 days, the deposit is forfeited. On all other party/wedding items, the deposit will be refunded up to 14 days before your event. Cancellation or reduction of order quantities in less than 14 days will result in the loss of the deposit on those items canceled or reduced. The forfeited deposit will not be applied to the remaining order.

Full payment for the rental items can be done anytime up to the pickup of the items by you. If your order is to be delivered, full payment must be received at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery.

 Modifications to Order:
Due the circumstances surrounding most weddings, our policy is not to allow anyone other than the person who has the rental with us to change or modify the order.  At your request, we will make a list of authorized individuals which have the authority to make changes to your order.  Keep in mind that this person is acting as your agent, and as such you will be held accountable for any changes they make to your order and the associated costs of these changes.

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